ELMAKSAN offers almost 36 standard models, covering range from 1/8″ (10mm) up to 10″ (273 mm) diameter and wall thickness from 0,5 mm up to 12,7 mm. Complete lines are designed so as to achieve the fast speed with the best quality of round tubes as well as profiles by using cold cut saws for burr free production.

All break down, finpass and idler stands have been designed to be removed and fixed back in the easiest way so that the operators can save time for more effective production with the most practical use. Besides, the said stands have the full strength to bear the maximum force with higher thicknesses. Even for more time save, quick change cassette systems help you to change roll tooling quickly, easily and safely.

Usually we prefer to use horizontal accumulators for tube mills. Such types are used either for very light narrow gauge strips or for very wide strips. The speed of the horizontal accumulators can be adjusted according to the speed of the complete line by AC motors and also are generally preferred not only because of easy usage and maintenance, but economic advantages.

The tubes and pipe of carbon and galvanized steel and even stainless steel can be produced with different type of welding machines and cut by cold saws with the best length and cutting tolerances.

Burr free cutting with cold saw with the high speeds is also guaranteed by ELMAKSAN while it can never be reached by hot saws.

Best automation systems such as motion control and electronic components are used in the complete lines and the spare parts can be easily found in every region of the world.

We can prepare and arrange customized solution into your existing lines. Our aim is to provide our customers with the most advanced, cost-effective tube and profile mills.

We will provide full project management including foundation construction, staff training, start up of the line and on-going operation assistance.

Model List

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